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PPROM Awareness Funds (premature rupture of membranes) lets make a difference today

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PPROM Stands for Premature Rupture of Membranes before 37 weeks of pregnancy

Thank you to all that support us, by doing so this will help others and this will save some babies lives and this will help reduce premature births.

Reason we do this, is because our experience led us to promise our babies that we would help improve the care of PPROM pregnant patients and we believe through education and good management that this condition can be controlled ensuring that the mums mental well being is supported through out this life changing condition.
It would mean the world to us to gain as much support as possible.
As the words of John Lennon song 'Image' all the people living life in peace. You may say I am dreamer but I am not the only one, and hope one day you will join us and the world be as one.  
Raising Funds for the following:

1. Webpage; We have been working on the webpage for two years and we would like to find a professional company to finalise webpage to include a shop and ensure our webpage looks professional - Funds needed £2000 to £5000

This includes webpage domain for 10 years - cost for this will be £80 for ten years

2.  Wristbands; £410 to buy 10th which will raise over £1000

3. Printing costs -
Business cards = £31.00 plus vat
250 no leaflets = £101 plus vat
Banners = £50 to £80 ea plus vat

4. Show 2014
Venue costs = £900 plus vat
Printing costs = as above

5. Shop Premises = set up costs including merchandise and first rental costs = £6000 if we get a sponsor can have set up by March 2013, which will enable to raise more awareness and raise funds for all our future plans

6. Raffle tickets license = £40
    Raffle tickets = 3000 tickets £69
    Raffle this year 2013 raised £1000 for the baby PPROM project

7. Court Costs

Donate now to fund a legal case to radically improve the way pprom is managed. 

(Note if a independent review is given and they decide they want to work with us, all money donated will be used for the above) 

A PPROM mum is in court with their local NHS trust's in which she only put in for a small claim (up to £5000), we would prefer a independent review and for them follow ROCG procedures on PPROM but instead they wish to fight rather than negotiate, the mum never got the correct treatment in her pregnancy or during complications, and now suffers with re-occurring nightmares on her treatment and birth trauma as they also carried wrong procedures for pulling the placenta out, and months afterwards had to have a private scan and under went a D & C. The doctor stated at her daughters post morterm, 'You can not sue us'

Since her treatment others have had poor treatment at the same NHS Trust services, they are blessed with babies that did survive but their experiences have left them disappointed with a service which should of been followed to guidelines. Instead they came to us at PPROM awareness to gain the correct information which enable them to have the knowledge about their condition.

The PPROM mum admits she never wanted to sue, all she ever wanted was for the hospital trusts to have a independent review and put their hands up to all mistakes, to avoid what happen to her to others, to this date she has failed.

We would like to support this mum in doing this, costs as follows

Costs required: £720 including tax for a barrister a hour (£5760 for 8 hours only)

Costs Expert witnesses: £3000

Costs for Solicitor: £2000 plus to take it on this late stage 

Costs up to date: £120 for the claim
                            £80 for a adjournment which was denied as the NHS trust refused to agree this

Costs for therapy: £70 per hour to get over her trauma
                              £35 per hour for relaxation classes to help her sleep

Also we will fund other PPROM mums either who had premature or baby loss for the same therapy if they cannot gain on the NHS. (Therapy for PND, PSTD & Birth Trauma)

If the mum loses, she can risk losing her home, all for trying to change things for the better. Common sense prevails that the NHS Trust should just admit fault and look at ways at improving their services

Since her complaint, the Trust have admitted faults, but not the one that would change the way the hospital deals with PPROM cases, before they happen and during when they happen. The money spent on guidelines are not being used and failing mums to be.

Any money which is rewarded will be invested in PPROM awareness, PPROM training of staff, PPROM support, High Risk Midwifes who are trained in PPROM and other issues that relate to complications in pregnancies.

Image going to hospital with your child, refused a X Ray and your child ended up having complications due to being made to wait days afterwards, simple tests can help make good management care plans which can avoid the worse outcomes.

If we do not invest in our maternity services, invest in research, and invest in more training and investing in High Risk Midwifes, then we are sadly failing the mum to be in Great Britain.

Investing in a High Risk Midwife alone would make a massive difference to a mum to be outcome.

Please support our cause and help us get PPROM awareness up and running the sooner the better.
Thank you

Please can you also sign out #PPROM petition - premature rupture of membranes before 37 wks of pregnancy (when your waters break early)


  1. Please can you also sign out #PPROM petition - premature rupture of membranes before 37 wks of pregnancy (when your waters break early)

  2. £7 donated so far, which I put towards the costs for the webpage domain so a other £73 will get me the domain to go live, next will be to get someone professional to help with fonts etc

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